Bob Luckett

Solving for X

An inside look at the investigation that captured America’s most prolific serial arsonist Thomas Anthony Sweatt Federal Case # 76010-030065 by Bob Luckett

Solving for X is an inside look at the twenty two month investigation that tracked, hunted, arrested and successfully prosecuted the most prolific serial arsonist in the history of the United States. The work takes each reader on the roller coaster ride, which is being a part of the task force that did outstanding work. The Washington DC region was under siege in 2003 when a group of residential fires with an eerily similar ignition source was discovered. They become part of the sleepless nights, they feel the anger investigators dealt with while dealing with information leaks and the politics of being part of a group that had to please, local state and federal administrators. They feel the exhilaration of the arrest and confession. The reader then gets an inside look at the emotions and actions of the sociopathic murder, Thomas Sweatt, as he sits and talks with investigators about why he did things, what he was thinking and how he lived. The readers are with investigators in the federal prison in Indiana when Sweatt tells them just how difficult it was for him to be in a simple conversation with other men. He just could never be himself. When guys would be talking about cars or sports he wanted to be talking about gardening or cooking. Finally the readers also learn about the things that went well and the things that failed in this 73,000 word book that is solidly grounded in factual information and intrigue.

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