Kirstie Ellen

The Fire Under the Mountain by Kirstie Ellen

(YA / (High) Fantasy)

In a dying world of magic, five tribes are divided against each other.

A sixth, has not been seen for centuries.

A tyrannical king with twisted secrets readies himself for war.

But one girl holds the answers to uniting magic and saving the planet.

The six tribes of Runelle have been divided for centuries, shutting off their magic from each other. But their separation means the planet is dying and with it, its people. In a battle for power, tribes will turn against each other, magic will be stolen and unknown secrets will be revealed as the ruthless, deranged king of the sky tribe, Kino, slaughters all who stand in his way.

Yet one brave and clever girl is the planet’s last hope. Sharmay finds herself unwittingly tasked with a quest to unite the people of Runelle. It’s a race against time to not only bring the tribes together before all is lost but to also find the missing sixth tribe. From the dark tunnels of the earth tribe, to the murky waters of the underwater kingdom, Sharmay will face her worst fears, find help in unexpected places and stand heroically for what she believes in.

While Sharmay prepares to face the odds alone, Kino’s son, Radon, escapes the abuse of his father, fleeing his home on his own mission to save Runelle. In a weaving of tales, these two fated beings will find the answer to the eternal question: what difference can one person make?

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