Webinar: Why Do Books Get Rejected?

why do books get rejected webinar?

Since the first writer wrote the first story by chiseling it into a large rock, then had her creation rudely rejected by the first publisher down in some dark, cold cave, writers have been asking the question: Why? Why didn’t I get a six-figure book deal? Why did the agent who loved my query then proceed to ghost me? Why did all those editors turn down my book, which almost certainly would be the greatest book in the history of books, if only they bothered to publish it?

The Book Doctors will answer these question, and so many more, in their upcoming webinar. From the nuts and bolts of having a great pitch, a totally awesome first sentence, a mind-boggling first page, a righteously compelling platform, and dealing with the eccentricities of a cruel God in an uncaring universe, The Book Doctors will break it down as only they can.

Figuring out how to not only deal with rejection, but actually to learn from it, and move forward with intelligent (as opposed to stupid) persistence is often the difference between succeeding in publishing, and ending up heavily medicated.  We don’t want you heavily medicated.  Come to our webinar instead.  You can do it in your pajamas with bad hair!


8:00PM EST