Be Familiar but be YOU

Describing your story in the constrained arena of a one minute pitch
without comparing yourself with other writers can be difficult. It’s a
crutch that many of us use to create a sense of understanding but it
can also backfire. Here’s a tip on how to get your point across
without relying on others to define your piece:

“Be careful about putting yourself in the company of great and famous
authors. ‘Early Philip Roth with a dash of Jane Austen’ can’t stand
alone as a pitch. You’re sure to turn someone off if you compare
yourself to literary giants. Instead, construct a pitch that
specifically explains how your book will speak to the audience of
those uber-authors: ‘What happens when the repressed male sexuality of
Alexander Portnoy meets the strong-minded, spunky joie de vivre of
Elizabeth Bennett? Watch the sparks fly in The Shiksa of
Herefordshire, a new twist on the old battle of the sexes.’”

For more information turn to page 69 of your copy of “The Essential
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