Jaclyn Reiswig

Second Life by Jaclyn Reiswig 

Wes Hastings was just another of her British actor make-believe boyfriends. She never expected she’d actually meet him—on the Tube, of all places.

She never expected their train to explode moments later.

Her dream trip to London morphs into a nightmare. She’s injured, stranded underground in the smoking ruins of the car. Alone, except for one familiar stranger. Turns out it’s easier to see your celebrity crush as a real person when he’s bleeding to death. Bombings are great for perspective.

He’s not Wes Hastings the actor anymore. He’s the brave man showing her how to hold it together. She has basic first aid training. He has a dark sense of humor. They have each other—but his time is running out.

Help finally arrives in the form of a medic, who gives her a terrible choice: she can watch Wes die, or risk her life on a chance to save him.

Even if they both survive, moving on without him may prove a more difficult challenge. They’ll be separated by an ocean, by his fame—by her integrity.

And he never even got her name.

SECOND LIFE is a 70,000 word contemporary romance. I earned my BA in English with a concentration in writing, and am lucky to stay home with my two kids. SECOND LIFE is my debut novel, but I am an experienced pro at crushes on British actors.

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