Best Thank You Letter We’ve Ever Gotten

995162_10151833049509734_1121293048_n“Dear Arielle and David, Do I need to tell you how fabulous you are? I attended – and pitched –  at yesterday’s Pitchapalooza.  Last night I picked up your book to skim it. I couldn’t put it down. I kept reading because it was so packed with information ( great information) + well written and fun to read to boot. Here’s the top ten reasons I love what you do.
You’re nichey.
You’re quirky stand out in a good way.
You add value.
You care.
You create through your process.
You bring mojo to the community.
You’re proactive.
You have great energy.
You’re practical and entertaining.
You’ve done your homework…and then some
You’re the BookDoctors.
Thank you for strutting your stuff at P & P and allowing the writing community to learn from you.  Since I came out of the investment business and was always looking for talent that offered a unique and compelling service, including the impossible to duplicate ability to execute( the key to any service business) I would say you earned twenty stars out of a possible ten for your business and execution. with” – Debra Diamond